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A multi-disciplinary practice that truly has a weight management solution for everyone. Our doctors have helped hundreds of patients lose stubborn weight with our whole-body wellness approach. If you have tried everything and nothing has worked, then breathe a sigh of relief and give us a call today.

Free Weight Management Consultations are scheduled at our Hewlett office on Mondays from 10am-2pm and Tuesdays from 2pm-6pm. Schedule your free consultation online or give us a call us today!


  • What I like about the program is its attack approach which is eclectic. With the doctor, food psychologist and dietitian rotating the visits, you get a varied and instructive perspective that helps you get the weight off and knowledge which will keep it off.

    - Matthew

  • The program was very informative and multi-disciplinary. The staff explained things very well to help people who struggle with eating issues and they are very understanding of personal information. The doctors spent a lot of time with me to answer questions and help guide me to a healthier lifestyle physically and mentally.

    - JoAnne


Medical Weight Loss For Life

At Medical Weight Management NY, PC, we have a customized medical weight management plan for every goal and body type.

Our Customized Programs Include:


Our multi-disciplinary team is dedicated to helping our patients in Long Island lose weight.

Board-Certified Obesity Physician, Behavioral Psychologist Nutritionist/Dietitian, Physical Trainer