• Kick Start Your Weight Management Journey with Fiber

    If you’re trying to shed pounds, there is one thing you should be eating more of - Fiber! And believe it or not, some of the tastiest foods on earth can help you reach your daily fiber goals. Strawberries, raspberries, chickpeas, edamame, and okra, are all high in fiber. Just remember: For fiber to adequately do its job, you must drink enough water every day.

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  • Rachel Goldman, Ph.D., FTOS Quoted in Beach Body

    "In medicine, we look at holistic as treating the whole person," says Rachel Goldman, Ph.D., FTOS, a licensed psychologist specializing in health and wellness. "If there are mental, emotional, or social factors going on, that can impact the physical symptoms."

    "The kind of weight loss that I encourage and that I help clients with is thinking about our mind, our body, thoughts, and emotions," says Goldman, who is also a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry at New York University School of Medicine.

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