Jump Start

Jump Start is an eight-week program that offers weight loss assistance through individual bi-weekly meetings with our physicians, registered dietitians, exercise physiologists and behavioral psychologists. It is appropriate for anyone wanting to lose weight at any stage of their journey. The program will help you make changes in activity level, eating habits and other behaviors related to weight management. We emphasize lifestyle change, which means we're going to help you make healthy changes that you can sustain long after you complete the program, enabling you to maintain a healthier weight for the rest of your life.

Jump Start Includes:

  • Individualized meal plans and exercise plans
  • Beginning and ending: metabolic testing, lab tests, body composition measurements, body circumference measurements and blood pressure measurements
  • Bi-weekly individual consultations with our physicians, registered dietitians, exercise physiologists, and behavioral psychologists
  • Lifestyle change curriculum and sessions
  • Baritastic Smartphone Tracking App